Travel To Northern Europe – Iceland

  1. Safe enough

Iceland has a small population and relatively few immigrants. It’s very safe. There are almost no security concerns. I read a post on the Internet that Iceland’s police had too much time to amuse cats, feed ducks and play with snow, several photos of officers licking ice cream on patrol went viral.

  1. Beautiful as an alien planet

Iceland is best known for its unusual landform, which is so similar to the moon that astronauts buzz aldrin and Neil Armstrong, the first men to land on the moon, practiced there. Nature is a masterpiece of artists, a person looking at those beautiful scenery to suffocate, the heart will always have a different feeling.

  1. Human Interest

Nordic countries have high levels of happiness, and it’s easy to feel good about people. Let me tell you a little thing. On the first day I came to Iceland, my lens was broken. My friend suggested that I return to China for warranty. Uncle in the shop said it was broken, if you need to repair three or four days back to the factory, but I want to take photos these days. To my surprise, he went into the back room and took the same shot. He said, “take it away and return it to me before you leave.” then he gave me a business card of the store. That kind of trust makes the world feel good.

  1. Be a daydreamer for once

Many people grow grass in Iceland because of the movie “day dreamers,” in which the hero, a strange otaku, goes on a daring adventure to win the heart of a girl, including a trip to Iceland.

For the fans, going to the scene in the movie is like having a beautiful dream.

  1. Iceland has music

I once heard people joke that why are computers so strong in Finland? Because they get dark so early, they get bored and have to write code at home. In Iceland, they must be free to make art. Although Iceland is not a big place, there are too many famous musicians, such as Sigur Ros, neoclassical Olafur Arnalds, electronic mum, popular folk songs Of Monsters and Men…

Or maybe you’ve heard reykjavik’s name in Hong Kong,
“There is a ray of light at the North Pole, and your words have been left to me.”


1) Apart from the capital, reykjavi, Iceland is sparsely populated and has very poor public transportation. The road condition is more dangerous in winter, a person chooses carefully.

2) Book hotels and Tours separately depending on where you want to go. Some of them are day or half-day Tours, such as ice cave expeditions and glacier hikes, which must be accompanied by a guide. There are also big organized Tours on the Internet, but there were a few places I wanted to go that didn’t suit me.

3) Buy discounted tickets

I like northern Europe, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

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