The Unmissable Trip To Northern Europe – Fairytale Denmark

When it comes to Denmark, many people will think of Hans Christian Andersen.

Denmark has topped the UN’s world happiness index several times, making it the world’s happiest country. In addition to the most impressive fairy tales, there are also ancient amusement parks, rainbow-like houses and exquisite churches in Denmark. You must know the country you must have to go – Denmark.

The travel time

Denmark’s climate is not as cold as you might expect. It lies between northern and central Europe, with warm winters and cool summers, and the hottest July averages between 15 and 17 degrees. Denmark’s summer (late June to early September) is the best time to travel, with cool temperatures and long hours of sunshine (sunsets around the summer solstice are around 10 p.m.), when outdoor activities take place. Autumn is generally cool and comfortable, winter temperature in 0℃ or so, not very cold, there is a right amount of frost and snow, like skiing friends can come at this time, feel the fairy tale world in the snow and ice.


The air, land and sea traffic in Denmark is very well developed. Car rental companies can be found in almost all the big cities and airports in Denmark. Denmark has many islands, in addition to the bridge, ferry is an important means of transportation connecting the islands, most of the ferries in Denmark also carry passengers, large ferry also equipped with restaurants, shops, children’s recreation and other facilities. In addition, bicycles are a very convenient means of transportation in Denmark. There are also bicycle lanes on the roads. Tourists can rent a bike anywhere in Denmark by day or week. Therefore, passengers do not have to worry about any travel problems, and the means of transportation within the territory can take passengers to every destination they want to visit.

Classic Trip

The first stop – Copenhagen

You may know that Copenhagen is the capital of fairy-tale Denmark and that it once hosted the world climate conference, but it’s more than that. It has the largest number of Michelin restaurants in northern Europe, as the food paradise of northern Europe naturally not under the words; With top designers and developed transportation system, it is the model of modern metropolis. Also has a lot of ancient castles and royal courtyard, classical strong breath. The dense jungles of the city center, the beautiful beaches, the elegant lakes, the beauty that can be seen everywhere, the dazzling variety of goods, and the young cyclists who pass by, are all the beautiful and unique scenery of Copenhagen.

  1. Newport

When it comes to Copenhagen, Newport is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, with colorful old houses along the shore, scaly beer houses and restaurants, and wooden boats with masts in the canal making it the best place to get a taste of Copenhagen. In the 17th century, the king of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen also lived in Newport, where he wrote stories about princess and the pea, tinder-box and many other films, such as the Danish girl.

  1. The little mermaid

This bronze sculpture based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “the daughter of the sea” is a symbol of Copenhagen and Denmark. The statue was paid for by Carl Jacobsen, the founder of the new carlsberg beer company, and carved by the sculptor erikson. Now perched on the harbor rock in Langelinie, Copenhagen, Denmark, the little mermaid rescued a prince when she was 15 and fell in love with him, but the prince left her. However, the infatuated “little mermaid” still sat on the rocks by the sea day after day, waiting for the prince to return. In 2012, sculptors elmgren and dragsant completed the statue of the prince on helsinger island, where the little mermaid looked. After a hundred years of waiting, the little mermaid was no longer alone.

  1. Amalienborg Castle

This is the present royal palace of Denmark, and if you see the flag raised on the square, then the queen of Denmark is living in it. The palace is made up of four identical buildings, and currently visitors can visit two of the four palaces: Christine viii, which is part of the museum of the royal family of Glucksburg, and Christine vii, which is used by the queen to receive guests and official representatives.

Another very famous part of the palace was the guards who walked up and down the square. With their tall black hats and guns, they went from one corner to the other and back again with blank faces. If you want to take a picture with them, keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

The second stop – Legoland Billund

Legoland is the most popular attraction in Denmark outside Copenhagen, especially among children. The park has 44.5 million pieces of legos, including miniature world buildings, animals, astronauts, pirates and princesses, as well as mini-cars, water rafting and other rides and Atlantis underwater world.

The third stop – Odense

Odense is located between Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and the Jutland peninsula. It is the third largest city in Denmark and the capital of phying, the second largest island in Denmark. 96 km west of Copenhagen. Odense is one of the oldest cities in Denmark, with a history of more than 1,000 years. It is also the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish writer of fairy tales, which attracts a large number of admirers every year. As an ancient city, the city is full of low wooden buildings in the traditional Danish style, with beautiful gardens and botanical gardens.

  1. Andersen Hus

H.C Andersson’s House is located in odense, in the centre of the Danish island of finin. It was built in 1905 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen (1905-1875), the great Danish writer of fairy tales. Approaching the museum is like stepping back in time to a 19th-century fairytale land of red-tiled, white-walled bungalows and cobblestone streets. Enter the museum and you’ll see a time-focused simulation of Andersen’s time, as well as his vast collection of original manuscripts, colorful paper cuttings and lesser-known designs. In the museum’s video room, you can hear the familiar Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales through your earphones. In the museum’s internal library, you can also browse through a large number of his works and relive the beauty of his childhood.

  1. Eusedon cathedral

Built in the 14th century, this gothic cathedral is one of the most famous churches in odense. The exterior is red and the interior is pure white. Even the Windows are beautifully made, revealing odense’s wealth and status during the middle ages. Nowadays, you can often find some catholics praying in the churches and, with luck, locals holding weddings here. It is the best place to blend in with the local religious culture.

  1. Funen Village

The scenic spot is a large farm, located in an old buildings, you can see here in animal husbandry, odense flourishes with the ducks in the pond, as long as someone to feeding, they will be crazy swam to the shore, the distance of cattle, sheep are eating grass, and green apple orchards and colorful large garden, pastoral scenery is infinite. There is also a stately neoclassical building, the Fyns Kunstmuseum. The interior features a high-quality collection of Danish art from the 18th century to the present, including fine sculpture and modern art.

The fourth stop – Helsingor

Helsinger is located in the northeast corner of the Danish island of Zealand, holding the northern part of the oresund strait, and Sweden helsingborg in the distance, 40 kilometers from the Danish capital Copenhagen. Once called “the most colorful corner of Denmark” by Hans Christian Andersen, it is also one of the oldest cities in Denmark, so many people also affectionately call it the back garden of Copenhagen.

  1. Kronborg Slot

One of Denmark’s most famous palace buildings, the palazzo DE kalomborg is also one of the outstanding Renaissance buildings in northern Europe, attracting hundreds of tourists to visit it every day. The story of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Hamlet takes place in the town of clonborough. It stands at the end of the land, looking across to helsingborg, Sweden, a castle made famous by Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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