The Six World Cultural Heritage Sites You Must Visit

Selected by UNESCO, the world cultural heritage site presents precious historical and cultural treasures that are not to be missed by those who love to travel. What is the origin of world cultural heritage, what are the criteria for the selection of world cultural heritage sites, and where are the places we must visit?

When planning a trip, you will hear the word “world cultural heritage” intentionally or unintentionally. What is a world cultural heritage? What are the criteria for assessment? What country’s world cultural heritage is not allowed to go? Let’s do a detailed analysis for you this time!

The Origins Of World Cultural Heritage

The origins of the world heritage site can be traced back to 1959, when the Egyptian government planned to build a dam that threatened to overwhelm monuments in the Nile valley near the site. At that time, UNESCO decided to assist in the rescue of these important artifacts. They carefully dismantled the local monuments and transported them to unaffected areas for reconstruction. The relocation, funded by close to 50 countries and mobilized on a scale never before seen, has led to more large-scale regional heritage conservation projects, such as Venice in Italy and borobuduu in Indonesia. In 1965, the United States took the lead in proposing to combine nature and culture for protection, and the call for establishing a transnational mechanism for the protection of cultural relics grew louder. Finally, in 1972, UNESCO adopted the convention for the protection of world cultural and natural heritage in Paris, the predecessor of world cultural heritage.

How To Be Listed As A World Heritage Site

The UNESCO hold a meeting every year to examine and approve the application, the world cultural heritage application can be divided into four departments: by, buildings, sites of cultural relics, the art of “cultural heritage”, has great value in aesthetics, ecology and conservation of the natural heritage, with the characteristics of the two compound “heritage”, and began to attention by people in recent years, there is no entity (e.g., language, folk music, customs) of “intangible cultural heritage”.
In general, the world cultural heritage application should be submitted by the local government to the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization, after the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization related organizations will be sent to the local inspection and write an investigation report, and passed on to the world heritage committee for final review, “cultural heritage” and “natural heritage” there are six and four criteria respectively, the more accord with standard of heritage through the final examination and the greater the chance of success, after will officially log on to the world cultural heritage list.

Six World Cultural Heritage Sites In Central Asia And Australia

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Angkor Wat, located in Cambodia, is the world’s most famous cultural heritage site closest to Hong Kong. At the height of the angkor dynasty’s glory days in the 12th century, king suryavarman ii set out to build a mountain of temples within his lifetime. Angkor Wat is a Hindu buddhist temple dedicated to Vishnu, one of the three gods of India. Constructed from boulders, the continuous pagodas, staircases and cloisters make for a majestic and majestic landscape, and even the famous French architect Maurice Glaize praised his ghost axe: ” Angkor Wat is comparable to, but not less than, any of the finest architectural achievements in the world.”

The Ancient City Of Pingyao – China

The ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi Province, China, became a world cultural heritage site in 1997. The ancient city of Pingyao is a typical traditional Chinese county building, combining elements of the eight trigrams, with six gates forming a turtle-shaped pattern. Since the Ming dynasty, Pingyao has been a major commercial city in China. By the late qing dynasty, more than 20 bank Numbers (similar to modern Banks) had set up their headquarters in Pingyao, including the first bank number in China, rishengchang, which was known as “huitong tianxia”. Because of the prosperity of the ticket industry, associated with a variety of related industries will be Pingyao as a base, such as the wuxia novels often appear in the “biaoju” and “inn” and so on.

Petra – Jordan

Classic movie Raiders of the Lost Ark once appeared in the ancient city of Petra login world heritage site in 1985, the combined with the valley of the ancient city of maroon originated in the end of the 2nd century BC, witnessed the ptolemaic dynasty decline, after the conquest of the Roman empire time, went on to become the crusaders war with islamic front, said Petra is the stage of central Asian history too much. Because has experienced the rule of different civilizations, the architecture of the ancient city of Petra style also has quite a few different civilization and religious characteristics, such as Roman column, Madonna, even a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess ISIS, and whatever building, is by the local red sandstone polished and city, form taking different magical scenery but tonal close style.

Taj Mahal – India

Known as the “Indian muslims art treasures of the” world cultural heritage in the taj mahal is telling is a romantic and sad story, the king of the mughal empire then sharjah Abraham’s wife, whom he loved most longed for tower cheese, mahath terminally ill, she wants sharjah hampshire to her dying to build one of the world’s most beautiful sepulchre, and vowed never to marry, then love wife sharjah, Abraham to India’s top craftsmen, use the most beautiful in the world, such as Indian marble, Chinese jade, agate, coral of Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka gems, yemen took two years to personally oversee, Built the world-famous mausoleum.

Kyoto – Japan

The ancient Kyoto site, which was listed as a world heritage site in 1994, is quite large, including the downtown part of Kyoto known as “ping an jing”, the equality courtyard and uji Shinto shrine in yuji city, and the yanli temple in ojin city. Kyoto has been at the heart of Japanese politics and power since it became the imperial capital in an extended period (around 780 AD). Today’s Kyoto has many trendy buildings, but it also retains many historic temples, shrines, gardens and traditional buildings.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest existing group of coral reefs. At present, there are about 400 species of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 species of benthic organisms in the Great Barrier Reef, many of which are endangered species. The Great Barrier Reef is of great conservation and research value. In recent years, Marine pollution and climate problems have become more and more serious, and the coral in the Great Barrier Reef, which had been stained with color, has also been “bleached”. If you want to see this disappearing beauty, remember to seize the opportunity and protect the natural ecology.

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