Flea Market

On the first Sunday of the first week of each month, the flea market held at the bashadina community college has three regional stalls on display. They are two outdoor parking lots and one indoor parking lot. The first Sunday in February 2020 is a sunny day.

Because of the free entrance fee, it is often regarded as a leisure activity for some dog lovers to take their dogs shopping. In addition, the various loafers are also a kind of scenery.

Among the 200 or so stalls, the most valuable items on display are small pieces of silver, silver accessories and rings. The antique watches that used to be common have become rare. There are more than ten stalls of vinyl records and CDS, as well as many stalls of second-hand clothes and shoes, glassware, old posters, paintings, copperplate book illustrations, old scenery CARDS, old photos, second-hand books, second-hand toys, medieval furniture, badges, COINS, bags, mechanical cameras, lighters and so on. I spent three and a half hours strolling from 10 am to 1:30 PM, and harvested five good things that I thought were leak detection.

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