The Unmissable Trip To Northern Europe – Fairytale Denmark

When it comes to Denmark, many people will think of Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark has topped the UN’s world happiness index several times, making it the world’s happiest country. In addition to the most impressive fairy tales, there are also ancient amusement parks, rainbow-like houses and exquisite churches in Denmark. You must know the countryContinue reading “The Unmissable Trip To Northern Europe – Fairytale Denmark”


Wether you reside in a small place and require all the storage room you can get, or you need an extra bag to pack for your return trip home, the WANDF T302 foldable bag is an ideal choice for you! For any serious shopper, there is one scenario that is quite popular; you are somewhereContinue reading “BEST PACKABLE BAG FOR TRAVELERS – WANDF T302”

Four Fjords in Norway

If you ask what country to visit in the summer, Norway must be one of the best places to go, because the fjords there are definitely not to be missed. Enjoying the scenery of the fjords on both sides of the river while facing the wind on the cruise ship is very relaxing! The fjordsContinue reading “Four Fjords in Norway”

How To Make The Travel Guides

Many people make travel guides to avoid being embarrassed when traveling. How do you make them? First, The Strategic Destination – Destination is absolutely the most important part in the tourism strategy. Only by choosing a good destination can we make the next step better. Second, Choose the right travel tools according to your timeContinue reading “How To Make The Travel Guides”

Travel To Northern Europe – Iceland

Safe enough Iceland has a small population and relatively few immigrants. It’s very safe. There are almost no security concerns. I read a post on the Internet that Iceland’s police had too much time to amuse cats, feed ducks and play with snow, several photos of officers licking ice cream on patrol went viral. BeautifulContinue reading “Travel To Northern Europe – Iceland”


Iceland has many unforgettable memories of seeing the aurora borealis. When taking a bath, I thought it was a gas leak, so I dressed to run for my life, It turned out to be the smell of geothermal water; Stay overnight on a ranch with only two families, terrifyingly quiet, but got a restful sleep.Continue reading “DO NOT GO TO ICELAND TOO EARLY”