Travel hacking is one of the best ways to lower your travel costs. Flights, accommodation represent two of the biggest expenses travelers face so getting those to zero allows you to travel more for less. When money isn’t a worry, the world is your oyster.

While I have tons of travel hacking resources on this website for U.S. travelers, I get a lot of questions from Canadians about whether they can take advantage of travel hacking too. And the answer is always yes!

While the U.S. has the most deals and opportunities, Canada isn’t too far behind and is the second biggest points market in the world.

To help you understand the Canadian travel hacking world, I reached out to my friend and fellow travel blogger Ricky Zhang from Prince of Travel. In this interview, he shares his tips and tricks.

Nomadic Matt: Hey Ricky! Thanks for doing this! To begin, tell us about yourself.

Ricky: I’m based out of Montreal and Toronto, and I’ve always loved to travel and get the best bang for my buck when doing so. For the past few years, I’ve run the Prince of Travel website, which is dedicated to helping my fellow Canadians maximize their frequent flyer miles and credit card points to travel the world at a fraction of the price.

How did you get into travel hacking?

I first became interested in points and loyalty programs back in 2013. As a university student in Canada, I was making frequent trips back home to China to visit my family and I was trying to figure out how I could get airport lounge access.

It turns out that there was a little-known opportunity to earn top-tier Star Alliance Gold status very easily with the loyalty program of Aegean Airlines, the Greek national airline. I figured out that I could simply credit the miles from one or two of my round-trip flights to Aegean and I’d end up with Star Alliance Gold, which would get me the lounge access I wanted.

That led me to the online blogs and forums, where I quickly learned that credit card points – and specifically the signup bonuses – was the key to racking up the points and funding many trips around the world (often in business class or First Class) at a fraction of the price.

From there, I was hooked and I’ve just continued honing my craft over the years!

The U.S. is known for its awesome travel credit cards. How does Canada compare?

Many outside observers would probably guess that the Canadian travel credit card market is less lucrative than the US and, while that’s true in some ways, there are also ways in which Canada is the more favorable place to be.

The US has a wider range of travel credit cards, provides access to a greater number of airline and hotel programs, and also gives consumers larger quantities of signup bonuses (for example, 100,000-point bonuses are a regular occurrence whereas, in Canada, the single-highest signup bonus is 75,000 points).

However, the US credit card issuers are also stricter about limiting the number of signup bonuses that a single individual can obtain (or imposing limits on how often you can obtain them), whereas the Canadian issuers haven’t imposed such limits, making Canada much more favorable in terms of earning the signup bonuses repeatedly.

Almost all the cards in Canada let you double- or triple-dip on the bonus (although the terms and conditions may not always say so). It’s easy for issuers to update their terms and conditions to say that you’re only eligible for a once-in-a-lifetime bonus, but much more challenging for them to actually enforce that from an IT perspective.

In addition, there are ways for Canadians to apply for US credit cards as well, thus letting us play the game on both sides of the border!

Really? How can Canadians get a U.S. travel credit card?

Well, to do that, you need three things:

  A US address

  A US bank account

  A social security number (or something equivalent)

The address is easy. Just use a friend or family member’s address, or a mail-forwarding service. The bank account is also easy. Just use the cross-border banking service of your favorite Canadian bank to set up a US domiciled bank account with your US address listed on it.

The social security number part is tricky. You can’t just get one unless you actually study or work in the US. Instead, you can get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), which is an equivalent number that many issuers also accept in place of an SSN.

Any foreign resident can get apply for an ITIN from the IRS if they show that they’ve earned income in the US (for example, if you’ve earned $5 gambling in Vegas) but need to be exempt from withholding taxes on that income as a foreign resident. Once you have your ITIN, you can use that in place of the SSN on US credit card applications – and voilà!

What are some of the best credit cards in Canada right now?

The single-highest signup bonus one can obtain in Canada is the American Express Business Platinum Card, which gives you 75,000 Membership Rewards points upon spending $7,000 (CAD) in the first three months.

This card is also very valuable for its referral bonus of 25,000 Membership Rewards points, which you earn simply for referring a friend or family member to a card of their own, and can add up very quickly after just a handful of referrals. Then you’ve also got the unlimited Priority Pass lounge access and the Marriott Gold Elite status perks as well.

However, the Business Platinum does come with an annual fee of $499. For those who are more interested in First Year Free offers to minimize their out-of-pocket cost, I’d recommend the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, which is offering 30,000 Aeroplan miles + First Year Free.

Moreover, RBC Avion points can be very valuable due to how flexible they are, so in that regard the RBC Visa Infinite Avion is another great card to pick up, offering 15,000 Avion points at signup.

In most cases, you don’t need to be a small business owner in the traditional sense to get a business card. Instead, you apply as a “sole proprietor”, which is a form of doing business in which you operate under your own name. Just enter your own name as the business name and apply, and most issuers are happy with it.

And what about debit cards? When it comes to avoiding ATM fees abroad?

The frontrunner in this regard is the Stack Prepaid MasterCard, which does not impose any foreign transaction fees on foreign ATM withdrawals. Stack is free to apply for and to load funds, and only charges you the fair currency exchange rate when you withdraw money at a foreign ATM (although the local ATM fee may still be charged). It’s my go-to method for withdrawing cash while I’m traveling.

Are there any ways to manufacture spending in Canada to earn more points?

At any given moment, there are always a handful of manufactured spending methods floating around in Canada, although they tend not to be discussed publicly out of a fear that they might end if they were too widely circulated.

The best way to learn about manufactured spending methods would be to attend in-person events with fellow Miles & Points enthusiasts. I host one or two of these events every year and there are always other informal meets going on in every Canadian city as well.

What tips do you have for new travel hackers in Canada?

There’s always a ton of reading and scouring online blogs and forums at the start of the learning curve, but the best way to actually get started would be to think about one or two places you’d like to go over the next year (which places, what time of year, how many passengers, what class of service, etc.), then research specifically the best ways to make that trip happen using points, and then put together a strategy for earning those points using credit card signup bonuses.

Having this strategy in place will allow you to learn the ropes and reap rewards much faster than if you simply opened credit cards left, right, and center without a clear goal in mind.

Besides that, try to make it out to an in-person event or meetup at some point so that you can get to know other members of the community – that’ll accelerate your learning process by leaps and bounds. You can learn about them from some of the following groups/websites:

  Prince of Travel Elites



  Churning Canada (Reddit)

I try to host in-person events for Prince of Travel readers about twice a year, and I’m also looking to host a larger-scale PointsCon event sometime later this year, so stay tuned for details on that one.

Otherwise, the Prince of Travel Elites community regularly hosts small informal gatherings, which are known as “Miles & Pints”, in cities all across Canada, so make sure to join the group and keep an eye out for the next event in your area!

Where can people find you online/on social media to learn more?

I can be found sharing Miles & Points knowledge, industry news and analysis, travel tips, and reviews from my own trips every day at and sharing weekly videos on my YouTube channel. Also follow me on Instagram, where I post the highlights from my travels, and get to know the rest of the community on my Prince of Travel Elites group on Facebook!

How to Pack A WANDF Foldable Duffle Bag for Travel

Now that you have your packing list, what’s the best way to fit it all in your WANDF duffle bag? Use these tips to pack your duffle bag for any trip.

Roll Clothes & Use Packing Cubes

Take out the folded bag from your suitcase or cabinet and expand it. With duffle bags, it’s way too easy to just stuff everything in your bag, or let it all come unfolded the minute you have to rummage around for a new pair of socks. It’s also a little harder to see everything you have in your duffle bag than in a suitcase or backpack.

First, you should keep your clothes folded, organized, and easy to access, make use of packing cubes. You can choose the packing cube you can see into, WANDF 1066 Packing Cubes may be a good selection. This style includes 7 different sizes of packing cubes organizers, 1* bra underwear bag, 4* zippered bag, 1 laundry bag and 1 shoe bag. Well tearing-resistance, water-resistant nylon fabric with beauty floral pattern, two-way metal zippers, the mesh bag keep your clothes breathable, clean and tidy. And that makes visible what is inside. Large interior volume holds all your travel clothing, shoes, makeup, shaving accessories and more. Multiple mesh bags to organize and separate your item, smooth material ensures that your clothes don’t get creased. Perfect for business travel, weekender and travelers.

Roll your clothes and stand them up, so you can quickly see everything you have in a single cube. Use multiple cubes to further organize your travel wardrobe, either by clothing item, dirty/clean, or any other way that makes sense to you. Personally, I like to sort my clothing by use case – hiking and adventure clothes in one cube, casual outfits in another, and PJs and underwear in a third.

Once you have your packing cubes packed, put these into your duffle bag first to form a base.

Place Shoes in a Separate Compartment

Let’s face it: shoes get dirty, and we don’t want them mingling with our clean clothes – even if they aren’t caked in mud. To pack your shoes (we suggest wearing one pair and packing one pair), place them in a separate compartment of your duffle bag from the rest of your items.

There are some WANDF duffle bags, for example the 303, 304, 305, 307 and some of the T302 have the shoes Compartment. If your duffle does not, you can always use a shoe bag to create a separation. Then, place your shoes on the bottom of your bag, with your clothing packing cubes next to and/or on top of them.

Put Toiletries in Reusable Containers & in a Dedicated Bag

Next up: toiletries. Whether you’re bringing it all, or just a few items to supplement the free goodies at your hotel, make sure all of your liquids and gels are in containers no larger than 3.4 ounces. We recommend using a reusable container for these. WANDF can also bring you the best toiletry bags. The perfect WF5016 will be the best!

The WF5016 Toiletry Bag in unique expanding design allows you adjust its capacity based on different traveling times. Large expandable main compartment with volume up-to 7.5 Liter, 2 side compartment for different purposes, elastic loops, mesh pockets and interior/exterior zipper pockets, allow you easily fit in and organize most of your toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, toothbrushes&paste, make-up, shaving kit, personal hygiene and more. You can stay organized while traveling or gym-ing! You won’t have to struggle with leaks and messes in toiletry bag, or even worse, in your carryon. The set can hold different toiletries such as shampoo, body lotion, soap, and 2 of your many face or body creams. The bottles&jars are 100% BPA free and can be reusable. It will be easily fit in our toiletry bag or in the luggage. They all With Shoulder Strap, If your suitcase can’t fit it, hang the toiletry bag on your shoulder, it looks stylish and convenient. Lovely Polka Dots or the Cationic pure color style suitable for different styles.

Next, pack them all in a single toiletry bag – it should be a clear bag if you’re going through airport security – and add them to the top of your bag. This way, they’ll be easy to access should you need to take it out for TSA screening or grab something mid-trip.

Place Paperwork in an Outside Pocket

Next, place all of your important paperwork – passport, boarding pass, notebook, etc. – in an easy to access outer pocket. You’ll want them easy to get to, but also not freely roaming around the main compartment of your duffle, since these small items are so easy to lose.

Again, some travel duffles will have organizational features that keep all of these small, yet important, items in order (pen holder, small pockets, etc.). If yours doesn’t, you can use a pouch or accessory bag to keep these items together and easy to reach for.

Put Laptops & Chargers in a Dedicated Sleeve

If you’re traveling with a laptop, tablet, or kindle, you’ll next want to place these in a dedicated outside pocket. Again (you might be noticing a theme here), those designed for travel will have one, but some duffles will not. If your duffle comes with a laptop sleeve, add your laptop or other large device there, and place your chargers alongside it.

If you do not have an outer pocket for your device, place it in a sleeve and add it on top of your clothes in the main compartment. This will help keep it from getting damaged if you, say, toss your bag down on the floor while collapsing in exhaustion after a 12-hour flight.

Organize Odds & Ends in Pockets or Accessory Bags

For any other odds and ends, especially those you won’t need while in transit, layer these on top of your clothes in the main compartment. For small items, again, make use of small pockets in your duffle or an accessory bag to prevent them from floating around and getting lost.

Good packaging habits will save a lot of time in your travel. Seek more packaging bags, travel duffle bags, fashion backpacks and many fashion packing cubes on WANDFPACKS.COM. Get the hot deals on the website, pick up the coupons on the products pages for Amazon shopping now.

A Football Trip In Paris

In order to satisfy the football fans who love traveling, we specially go to the home of football clubs which have reached the top 16. In order to satisfy the football fans who love traveling, we specially go to the home of football clubs which have reached the round of 16. This blog takes you first to Saint-germain (Paris).

Most people are familiar with Paris and are aware of its charms. The capital of France, this city attracts lovers, families and friends to stroll along the Seine, dine in star-rated restaurants, and explore some of the most revered museums in the world were moved to tears by what they saw. In fact, Paris is also doing well on the soccer field, with the home team, Paris saint-germain, the most successful club in France and often a major force in Europe in the UEFA Champions League the big threat! The Parc des Princes, the club’s main stadium, is in the posh neighborhood of Boulogne, with plenty of dining options and entertainment outside football.
How about a trip to the capital of Paris, visiting fan zones and fan bars, or a pre-game dinner at a quality restaurant, a soccer-themed weekend and a closer look at the other side of Paris? Meet the team: PSG Paris saint-germain, founded in 1970, has a relatively short history among European clubs, but many famous players have won glory on the pitch wearing maroon and red striped blue jerseys. Some of the most admired heroes include himself the departing stars are David Ginola, George Weah, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani, as well as current player Tanya goshihwa (Thiago Silva, Neymar, etc.) Although PSG has yet to win the UEFA Champions League, it has won it seven times and the Coupe DE France won the break recorded 12 championships.

Prince’s park – Loindu16e

The club has been at Parc des Princes since 1973; Before Stade DE France opened in 1998, it was also the home of the French national team, with a seating capacity of 47,929,

There are three splendid VIP areas. During the most important matches, the stadium is always crowded, so make sure to book tickets as early as possible.
If you want to be in the hottest spot, surrounded by the craziest fans, book tickets to the Tribune Boulogne or the Tribune Auteuil stands!
Prior to the European cup of nations in 2016, prince’s park was renovated, the seats are now relatively spacious and comfortable, and a photo exhibition has been added to record the club’s presence.
Sometimes the stadium hosts guided Tours of the trophy room, dressing rooms and players’ aisles. You will also have the opportunity to walk around the side of the pitch! For more information on the schedule and ticketing, please refer to the club’s website.
How to get there: if you rent a car in Paris, it takes about an hour to drive to the stadium from Paris Charles DE Gaulle Airport and half an hour from the city center. numerous Traffic jams may occur during busy hours and on game days. You can also take metro line 9 from the city centre to Porte DE saint-cloud, a five-minute walk to the stadium. In addition, 22, 62 and 72. Buses stop here.

Loindu16e is a great place for meals and activities

The Parc des Princes is located in one of Paris’s more affluent boulogne-billancourt neighborhoods, within five kilometers of the city center in the Loindu16e arrondissement west of Paris. In the hustle and bustle of Paris (espOn the big match day, boulogne is a land of relaxation, Almost every street in the district has cozy bars and bistros; If you want to eat and drink before the game, there are plenty of choices. Some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the neighborhood include the Palais du Bonheur, a high-end Chinese restaurant, and LeCardinal kids restaurant and Les Petits Insolents modern French restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere. Want something new? You can also take a walk near the Cimetiere Mairie DE Paris cemetery, which is famous for its elaborate tombs! Fans interested in visiting the national team’s home stadium, the stade DE France, are about a half-hour drive from the parque des princes to the northern suburb of st-denis. The course regularly hosts guided Tours by active players. Players show visitors around dressing rooms, turf and other areas.

Palais du Bonheur, 131 Rue Michel Ange, 75016 Paris
Le Cardinal, 5 Place de la Porte de Saint-Cloud, 75016 Paris
Les Petits Insolents, 2 Place Léon Deubel, 75016 Paris
Cimetière Mairie de Paris, 57 Rue Claude Lorrain, 75016 Paris

Post-match celebration

Why not join the blue shirts in boulogne’s wine bars and nightclubs? Some bars are even more crowded to get people out on the street! There will be dedicated fan zones throughout Paris during major tournaments

A few weeks before the event. When the team wins big, fans gather on the city’s most famous landmarks and streets. When saint-germain won the 2018 French first division soccer league, for example, fans flocked to the Eiffel Tower) area; In the same year, when France won the World Cup, fans set off fireworks and parades on the champs-elysees.
For many fans, pushing into the Bastille Bar des Familles is no match, even if they can’t make it to the games, and sometimes the atmosphere is even hotter. If you prefer the better ones Pogdian, meanwhile, enjoys beer and hamburgers with locals at the Cannibale Cafe in district 11, which sometimes broadcasts same-day games. And saint-germain-des-pres. The Moose, a sports bar with multiple screens, is also worth a visit.

Cannibale Café, 93 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris
The Moose, 16 Rue des Quatre Vents, 75006 Paris

Hang out in Paris

Paris is full of bars, some in fancy hotels, others in basement bars with live jazz bands. If you want to take a lazy look at cabaret (like the classic red)

Moulin Rouge, cocktail light, Pigalle; Nearby Montmartre has a myriad of lesser-known nightclubs and bars.
The area outside the tourist resort is usually relatively affordable, and the atmosphere is more casual; Bordered by the Seine, districts 12 and 13 are popular with young hipsters; But at its most fashionable, it is still not republican. Republique and Oberkampf are among them, with a cluster of lounges and live music venues, open from happy hour until late at night. On the other hand, Le Marais in sector 4 It’s also quite lively, known for its LGBT+ gay nightclubs and late-night canteens.
Have you flipped? This is Paris! In addition to serving cocktails and a variety of wines, the rooftop Restaurant Toit Terrasse Molitor boasts an unbeatable view of the Eiffel Tower and views of the prince from afarPark course!

Restaurant Toit Terrasse Molitor, 6 Avenue de la Porte Molitor, 75016 Paris

To Paris:

Paris is accessible by air from most major British cities – 1 hour and 15 minutes from London; 1.5 hours from Manchester; It takes one hour and fifty minutes from Newcastle and Edinburgh the clock; The journey from Dublin takes an hour and 45 minutes. Paris has a wide selection of hotels that cater to different budgets and tastes. The city’s east end is more fashionable, while districts 14 and 15 are more peaceful and suitable for families.
Ready to enjoy the game in one of the most romantic cities in the world? In the French capital, you can either take a walk in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or take a tour of saint-germain (or its rivals) at parque des princes. Cheering is the best choice for a city trip.

Lost In The Bustling And Quiet Berne

Berne is the capital most unlike the capital, it has no international atmosphere, the whole city stays in the ancient times. The ubiquitous bear is the spokesman of the city. The roofs of the old town houses were stacked with tiles, the stone pavement was mottled under foot, and the fountain in the middle of the street was murmuring, cupping its hands and sipping its cool sweetness. As the sunset clouds fly into the night, Berne breaks through the shackles of time to take us hurtling into the orbit of the middle ages. You may find the joy of slow life in this world heritage listed city.

The whole city of Berne is listed as a world heritage site. It has maintained its medieval style, quiet and old, as if forgotten by time. Switzerland for a long time have no fixed capital, November 28, 1848, Berne is classified as Swiss federal capital, becoming the center of the federal government and the national political and diplomatic, Switzerland’s former ruling class does not like European nobles have a king as the center of the power, can play a coordinated national call to action, Berne is several centuries xuan aristocratic family product of hegemony.

Many revolutionary activists have lived in Berne throughout history. Engels went to Berne in the autumn of 1848 to direct the Swiss workers’ movement. Lenin also stayed in simmelwald and kuntar near Berne from September 1914 to early 1916; Famous physicist Einstein published his theory of relativity here. The university of Berne, founded in 1834, is known for its study of cosmic rays. After the second world war, it became a cultural tourist destination, surrounded by the green river al, with alpine scenery and numerous museums of different types such as history, natural history, art and weapons.

Berne is a german-speaking swiss-speaking region where most people speak German, followed by English and Italian. “Never tell a joke to a Berne on a Friday, or the Berne will laugh at Sunday mass,” is a description of the slow, cautious reaction of the genevans.

Berne is a busy market, but there are no honking horns, no factories in the city, no motors and other noises, so there is no industrial pollution at all. In public places, people talk speaking out of turn whisper, do not see the phenomenon of loud call. No noise at midnight in uptown. Supermarkets and stores close around 7 p.m., and the law prohibits all businesses from opening on Sundays to ensure that every worker has enough time off. Garbage in the city is classified strictly and littering is punished.

Berne people love flowers. From the beginning of may until the end of the year, the lively market in the square is filled with flowers of unimaginable varieties and decorations made of various vegetables and plants. These colorful lights turn the whole city into a large garden.

Like many Swiss cities, even as the capital of Switzerland, the pace of life in Berne is very slow, the citizens pay attention to enjoyment and leisure, every sunny day, people go out in the sun, or take outdoor equipment, hiking and other outdoor activities. Berne is a german-speaking swiss-speaking region where most people speak German, followed by English and Italian. “Never tell a joke to a Berne on a Friday, or the Berne will laugh at Sunday mass,” is a description of the slow, cautious reaction of the genevans.

I once read in a Swiss travel book a 1925 painting by Paul Klee called “goldfish.” the simple colors — pinkish purple, amber blue, vermilion and goose yolk — glow against a black background, like secrets buried at the bottom of the sea. Paul clay was born in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. In Berne there is the undulating Paul museum, where a large number of colorful and imaginative paintings are exhibited.

Flea Market

On the first Sunday of the first week of each month, the flea market held at the bashadina community college has three regional stalls on display. They are two outdoor parking lots and one indoor parking lot. The first Sunday in February 2020 is a sunny day.

Because of the free entrance fee, it is often regarded as a leisure activity for some dog lovers to take their dogs shopping. In addition, the various loafers are also a kind of scenery.

Among the 200 or so stalls, the most valuable items on display are small pieces of silver, silver accessories and rings. The antique watches that used to be common have become rare. There are more than ten stalls of vinyl records and CDS, as well as many stalls of second-hand clothes and shoes, glassware, old posters, paintings, copperplate book illustrations, old scenery CARDS, old photos, second-hand books, second-hand toys, medieval furniture, badges, COINS, bags, mechanical cameras, lighters and so on. I spent three and a half hours strolling from 10 am to 1:30 PM, and harvested five good things that I thought were leak detection.

The Six World Cultural Heritage Sites You Must Visit

Selected by UNESCO, the world cultural heritage site presents precious historical and cultural treasures that are not to be missed by those who love to travel. What is the origin of world cultural heritage, what are the criteria for the selection of world cultural heritage sites, and where are the places we must visit?

When planning a trip, you will hear the word “world cultural heritage” intentionally or unintentionally. What is a world cultural heritage? What are the criteria for assessment? What country’s world cultural heritage is not allowed to go? Let’s do a detailed analysis for you this time!

The Origins Of World Cultural Heritage

The origins of the world heritage site can be traced back to 1959, when the Egyptian government planned to build a dam that threatened to overwhelm monuments in the Nile valley near the site. At that time, UNESCO decided to assist in the rescue of these important artifacts. They carefully dismantled the local monuments and transported them to unaffected areas for reconstruction. The relocation, funded by close to 50 countries and mobilized on a scale never before seen, has led to more large-scale regional heritage conservation projects, such as Venice in Italy and borobuduu in Indonesia. In 1965, the United States took the lead in proposing to combine nature and culture for protection, and the call for establishing a transnational mechanism for the protection of cultural relics grew louder. Finally, in 1972, UNESCO adopted the convention for the protection of world cultural and natural heritage in Paris, the predecessor of world cultural heritage.

How To Be Listed As A World Heritage Site

The UNESCO hold a meeting every year to examine and approve the application, the world cultural heritage application can be divided into four departments: by, buildings, sites of cultural relics, the art of “cultural heritage”, has great value in aesthetics, ecology and conservation of the natural heritage, with the characteristics of the two compound “heritage”, and began to attention by people in recent years, there is no entity (e.g., language, folk music, customs) of “intangible cultural heritage”.
In general, the world cultural heritage application should be submitted by the local government to the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization, after the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization related organizations will be sent to the local inspection and write an investigation report, and passed on to the world heritage committee for final review, “cultural heritage” and “natural heritage” there are six and four criteria respectively, the more accord with standard of heritage through the final examination and the greater the chance of success, after will officially log on to the world cultural heritage list.

Six World Cultural Heritage Sites In Central Asia And Australia

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Angkor Wat, located in Cambodia, is the world’s most famous cultural heritage site closest to Hong Kong. At the height of the angkor dynasty’s glory days in the 12th century, king suryavarman ii set out to build a mountain of temples within his lifetime. Angkor Wat is a Hindu buddhist temple dedicated to Vishnu, one of the three gods of India. Constructed from boulders, the continuous pagodas, staircases and cloisters make for a majestic and majestic landscape, and even the famous French architect Maurice Glaize praised his ghost axe: ” Angkor Wat is comparable to, but not less than, any of the finest architectural achievements in the world.”

The Ancient City Of Pingyao – China

The ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi Province, China, became a world cultural heritage site in 1997. The ancient city of Pingyao is a typical traditional Chinese county building, combining elements of the eight trigrams, with six gates forming a turtle-shaped pattern. Since the Ming dynasty, Pingyao has been a major commercial city in China. By the late qing dynasty, more than 20 bank Numbers (similar to modern Banks) had set up their headquarters in Pingyao, including the first bank number in China, rishengchang, which was known as “huitong tianxia”. Because of the prosperity of the ticket industry, associated with a variety of related industries will be Pingyao as a base, such as the wuxia novels often appear in the “biaoju” and “inn” and so on.

Petra – Jordan

Classic movie Raiders of the Lost Ark once appeared in the ancient city of Petra login world heritage site in 1985, the combined with the valley of the ancient city of maroon originated in the end of the 2nd century BC, witnessed the ptolemaic dynasty decline, after the conquest of the Roman empire time, went on to become the crusaders war with islamic front, said Petra is the stage of central Asian history too much. Because has experienced the rule of different civilizations, the architecture of the ancient city of Petra style also has quite a few different civilization and religious characteristics, such as Roman column, Madonna, even a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess ISIS, and whatever building, is by the local red sandstone polished and city, form taking different magical scenery but tonal close style.

Taj Mahal – India

Known as the “Indian muslims art treasures of the” world cultural heritage in the taj mahal is telling is a romantic and sad story, the king of the mughal empire then sharjah Abraham’s wife, whom he loved most longed for tower cheese, mahath terminally ill, she wants sharjah hampshire to her dying to build one of the world’s most beautiful sepulchre, and vowed never to marry, then love wife sharjah, Abraham to India’s top craftsmen, use the most beautiful in the world, such as Indian marble, Chinese jade, agate, coral of Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka gems, yemen took two years to personally oversee, Built the world-famous mausoleum.

Kyoto – Japan

The ancient Kyoto site, which was listed as a world heritage site in 1994, is quite large, including the downtown part of Kyoto known as “ping an jing”, the equality courtyard and uji Shinto shrine in yuji city, and the yanli temple in ojin city. Kyoto has been at the heart of Japanese politics and power since it became the imperial capital in an extended period (around 780 AD). Today’s Kyoto has many trendy buildings, but it also retains many historic temples, shrines, gardens and traditional buildings.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest existing group of coral reefs. At present, there are about 400 species of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 species of benthic organisms in the Great Barrier Reef, many of which are endangered species. The Great Barrier Reef is of great conservation and research value. In recent years, Marine pollution and climate problems have become more and more serious, and the coral in the Great Barrier Reef, which had been stained with color, has also been “bleached”. If you want to see this disappearing beauty, remember to seize the opportunity and protect the natural ecology.

Recommend Some Bags For Travel, Cycling And Outdoor Hiking

A succession of beautiful scenery makes onefeel delighted. A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything thesame. Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a longjourney on your holidays to some scenic spots or historic sites, that will makegreat difference.
Travel can widen one’s knowledge. The fartheryou go, the more you will learn about different politics, economics, customs aswell as geography. If you travel the whole world some day, you will fullyunderstand the globe on which we live.

We love travel. Although we do have too much time for traveling, we need to go to outdoor to do something. Take a suitabe bag, not too many things, just what you need. For the ourdoor hiking, cycling or short travel, I would like to recommend some bags for you.

Cycling and outdoor hiking have different functional requirements for bags, as well as different requirements in terms of capacity. Because the upper body leans forward for a long time while riding, light, small and portable bags are appropriate. Generally speaking, big buttock bag is enough, if autumn winter clothing is more, can consider 20 liters of below, lighter, simple to carry the backpack, professional cycling backpack has a kettle bag mouth, hanging helmet to accommodate the bin.

202 Outdoor Hiking Fanny Pack Waist Bag is suitable for cycling. Main compartment is large enough to carry what you need when you are in outdoor or travel. Size 11″L X 5″W X 6″H in High Quality Water-resistant Cationic Nylon. Its spacious and roomy main compartment fits all your essentials like wallet, passports, cellphone, sunglasses, power bank perfectly. Perfectly hand-free wearing instead of caring a purse or a backpack. he extra front pocket let you easily access and carry your small gear. The fanny packs include a hidden back pocket with zipper for your most personal and discreet items, such as the cash, ID card, drive licence etc. No worries about losing your precious belongings.The interior zipper pocket comes with a separate space for holding your keys or your coins, which protecting your cellphone from scratching. No more worry about your phone is scratched by other shape items. The Earphone hole is a lightspot of the 202 fashion Waist Bag.
$16.99 is a good original price, if you get a coupon it can save more. WANDF 202 can be a perfect recommend for outdoor hiking and cycling.

The most important thing about outdoor hiking bags is lightweight. Considering functionality and portability, the WF6103 is really a bag good value for money. 12.6″* 5.1″*15.8”will be the perfect size. 0.6 pounds and easy to fold up into a small pocket. The unisex 6013 is designed for everyday use for various activities, including swimming, walking, day trips, camping, sports practices, overnight stays, vacation, travel, yoga, running, shopping. Use it as a carry-on bag for excess items to avoid overweight-baggage charges.

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Queen’s Journey – The Most Women-Friendly Travel Destinations

Many women are starting to plan their international trips, even challenging destinations. Solo travel has become the latest trend. As a relatively disadvantaged woman, solo travel safety must be best guaranteed.

These are 30 best destinations:

Malaga – Spain’s Andalusia region and its sandy coastline, the famed Costa del Sol, is best known for stretches of beach and tourist-filled towns like Seville. Travelers to the region typically fly into Malaga, the capital of Andalusia, and a town once regarded as little more than a transit hub with bonus points for being the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.

Prague – City of architectural beauty, artisanal beer… and so much more. Prague offers so much more than alluring architecture, abundant brews and an inherently romantic atmosphere. The city has kept up with European trends in the realms of art, fashion, gastronomy and more, lending it a contemporary sheen that merges comfortably with its historical and architectural prowess. Indeed, as you browse the wealth of impressive Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings (Powder Tower; St. Vitus Cathedral; Kinsky Palace), it’s difficult not to be equally bewitched by the trendy boutiques, swish hotels, and chic cocktail bars and microbreweries that pepper most downtown streets these days.

Tokyo – As a country with a seemingly endless amount of activities and festivals on offer year-round, there really isn’t a bad time to visit. But if its shrine-hopping in Kyoto that brings you, or the pink hues of the cherry blossoms, you’ll want plan to make sure you don’t end up visiting during rainy season, or after all the blush pink cherry petals have already dropped.

Chengdu – Chengdu, capital of the Sichuan province in southwest China, is . Known for its relaxing, laid-back environment, spicy food, and pandas, Chengdu has been recently as the happiest city in China. According to a survey conducted by Oriental Outlook magazine and the Blue Book of Cities in China and compiled by the China Association of Mayors, Chengdu ranks number one in overall happiness.

New Delhi – Sari-clad women, vibrant flower markets, imposing architecture and treasured temples: all the nuances of India are on show in Delhi. Often seen as merely a transit hub to explore the wider area, it’s worth investing some time here. Established in 1,000 BC, Delhi has a rich history that’s tangible through its line-up of sites. Explore the legacy of the Mughal Empire at the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid Mosque of Old Delhi before getting a feel for colonial India with the vast boulevards of New Delhi. The city’s architecture is some of the finest in North India, but Delhi’s warm inhabitants are keen to show you their city in other ways, and we can arrange activities such as taking a cooking lesson at a family-run hotel or visiting a local community project.

Bangkok – Opposed to the bright lights, fast pace and noise of some Asian megacities, Bangkok’s more relaxed tone, easily navigable public transport and keen-to-please residents make a gentler introduction into Southeast Asian life. Originally marking the map as a key trading post of the 15th-century Ayutthaya Kingdom, Bangkok is still very much a commercial hub. You can flit between world-class boutiques and local markets before browsing the stalls that line the streets. Spiking up between the malls and tower blocks are the gilded chedi (bell-shaped relic chambers) of the Buddhist temples and wats that provide places of solace throughout the city.

Reykjavik – The National Museum of Iceland is a top attraction that’ll send you head over heels!
Check for tours at National Cathedral. While you’re here, why not take the time to sit in the pews and enjoy some spiritual reflection. Adventurers in this destination have heaps of options. Many substantial issues have been debated behind the walls of Parliament House. Appreciate it from afar or close up on an open day or a tour. Still got some time on your hands? Many notable scholars have frequented the magnificent halls of University of Iceland. You just can’t leave the region without seeing this age-old education institution.

Rome – Rome has culture covered—from ancient monuments and historic churches to Renaissance art collections and unparalleled street art. Even if you just stick with the iconic sights—such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and the Vatican—you wouldn’t have any problem figuring out things to do in Rome. And there are also plenty of other things to see underneath the city, including the ancient tombs, bones, catacombs, and other archeological treasures.

Melbourne – Melbourne is by far one of the most exciting cities in the world, ranked for three years in a row the most livable city around the globe beating places like New York, London, Stockholm or Sydney. Melbourne is a unique and charming place, located in the smallest mainland state of Australia, Victoria. In fact, there is endless number of exciting things to do in Melbourne.

New York City

Amsterdam – The Dutch capital may be small, with just a tenth of the population of London, but it packs a powerful cultural punch. Amsterdam is emerging from deep midwinter with a fresh, creative boost in the shape of new hotels and attractions and two ambitious new exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum

Montreal – Mark Twain loved Montreal. Journeying here in 1881, the city’s high society and unique French-Canadian fusion were not lost on this American icon. “My sojourn has been to my moral and intellectual profit,” he stated—as will yours, when you have a holiday package in Montreal reserved and ready. You do not have to be a renowned author, artist, or culinary critic to fall in love with Canada’s center of commerce and culture; however, you may find yourself turned into one before you leave. There are secrets and hidden adventures around every cobblestoned corner, delighting all who visit.

Bali – Tropical elegance, class and style emanate from every corner of this frangipani-scented five-star on Seminyak Beach. While the local area is peppered with trendy boutiques and social spots, the hotel is a cocoon of tranquility, with a beautiful infinity pool, moody spa and sunsets that are simply out of this world.

The British Virgin Islands – Island bliss often taunts in the form of a crystal clear desktop screensaver—a palm tree over a lounge chair, a stone’s skip from where the water’s edge is lapping at the sand. It’s a far cry from your cold office and seems even further. Yet, there’s a place where bliss awaits not at one secluded resort or private beach, but on the more than 60 small, tropical islands and cays that comprise the British Virgin Islands (BVI, a British overseas territory).

Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke, White Bay

Copenhagen – Copenhagen has become known for its excellent taste in everything from architecture, furniture design, décor, fashion, and—of course—food. It’s a lot of fun, too. In recent years Copenhagen has seen a surge in bars, restaurants, shops and fashion designers insisting on a less formal, lighthearted way of doing things. Many of the city’s Michelin starred restaurants have opened second restaurants where the food as well as the service is more playful and relaxed. Fashion designers such as Stine Goya and Henrik Vibskov are turning their backs to the minimalistic style and grayscale color palette that has dominated Danes’ wardrobes for years, creating beautiful dresses in peachy pastels instead. Beer bars are opening their own breweries and bartenders are concocting creative cocktails at the basement of the city’s many boozy haunts. And the Copenhageners are partying outside in the Meatpacking District, chilling on the harborfront in summer months, and exploring their city with a newfound pride.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark at night; Shutterstock ID 258618815

Singapore – Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a history deeply rooted in trade and commerce. Though a long favorite destination for the more affluent of travelers, the Lion City’s roar is beginning to be heard by the masses. An abundance of world-class, affordable attractions are springing up on a regular basis, whilst the vast variety of restaurants and nightlife options cater for everybody, from budget backpackers to high rolling billionaires!

Havana – Sun, slinky dancing, icy cocktails in bars fashioned from backyard wrecks and slumping colonial ruins, designer buys, avant-garde art, and a dose of communism draw visitors to the tropical nation island of Cuba. Havana’s seven year economic revolution has revived the spirit of this glamorous sea-facing city. From 26 February to 2 March Havana lights up with the annual Habanos Cuban cigar festival, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018; and from 22 to 24 March Havana World Music stages concerts across city venues.

Rajasthan – Jodhpur is so acclaimed city of Rajasthan its entering doer of desert. Here is numerous Famous places like as historical geographical, religious and in jodhpur organized a lot of people reasonable conventional and for expanding tourism. Its originator was Maharaja Rao Jodha in 1459.
Famous Places of Jodhpur. In Jodhpur have lot famous tourism places and famous heritages and Mehrangarh Fort, All known as there specialty. Some famous Tours places are Mehrangarh Fort, Chttra palace, Kayalana Lake, Fatehsagar Lake, Mandore Garden, Jaswant Thada Balsamnd Lake, Clock Tower, highly crowd market.

Costa Rica – Costa Rica is a great place worth visiting when in Central America. The things that you can come across while in the country are vast and unique. These include not only many forms of wildlife but also some appealing local dining spots that add a bit of flair to your trip.
Costa Rica is a very unique and attractive country to visit. You will see many beautiful volcanoes, beaches, and wildlife as you go around.

Hong Kong – British holidaymakers in Hong Kong should stay vigilant of developments in the city following exchanges between police and protesters at the Polytechnic University, says the UK Foreign Office.
Last week student protesters filed into and occupied the university campus. Subsequently police surrounded the campus and protestors were effectively trapped.

Athens – Athens. This gigantic city sprawls out over 1,131 square miles (2,929 square kilometers) and is home to over 664,000 people. It’s been a city since its founding in 508 BC.
And it’s one of the most visited places in Greece! It makes for the perfect start/end of a trip (mostly because you have to fly out of the city if you want to go anywhere international).
This is a city steeped in history and has some of the largest collection of Greek ruins and artifacts in the world.
However, outside the ruins and the beautiful Plaka, I tend to find Athens is a city filled with graffiti and trash. I love the history, I love the chaos, I love the Greeks, I just don’t love the city. Even the folks I know from Athens try to get away.
Given the amount of history and sights there are here, I’d plan to spend about three days here. You’ll need it to see everything here!
This travel guide to Athens will give you the low down on everything you need to know to plan your visit!

Vancouver – Explorable neighborhoods, drink-and-dine delights and memorable cultural and outdoor activities framed by striking natural vistas – there’s a superfluity of reasons to fall for this ocean-fringed metropolis.

Malta – Until it earned its independence in 1964, the island of Malta had been conquered by nearly all of its neighbors, from the Carthaginians to the Romans to the Saracens. Today, the 122-square-mile country between Sicily and Libya is being invaded by Hollywood directors, who use it as a double for 1960’s Beirut, 19th-century Genoa, and ancient Troy at a fraction of the cost of other European resorts. Film stars (like Brad Pitt, who recently played Achilles here), location scouts, and everyday travelers take advantage of very un-Hollywood prices in Valletta, the fortified capital city, which sits on the sandy north coast, and Mdina, the old medieval capital, nicknamed the Silent City for its traffic-free streets and tiny population (377). Both are best explored on foot, allowing you to slip into the slow rhythm of the place that seems to sit on the edge of the world. —Andrea Bennett

E576FD traditional fishing boats marsaxlokk harbour in malta

Kyoto – Kyoto (京都, Kyōto) served as Japan’s capital and the emperor’s residence from 794 until 1868. It is one of the country’s ten largest cities with a population of 1.5 million people and a modern face.

Over the centuries, Kyoto was destroyed by many wars and fires, but due to its exceptional historic value, the city was dropped from the list of target cities for the atomic bomb and escaped destruction during World War II. Countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures survive in the city today.

Palawan – If you’re planning to explore all of the province’s tourists destinations then the best entry point for your travel to Palawan is through Puerto Princesa city. Flights to Puerto Princesa brings you to the heart of the city itself.

Toronto – We’ve heard Toronto described as “New York City run by the Swiss,” and it’s true—you can find world-class theater, shopping and restaurants here, but the sidewalks are clean and the people are friendly. The best place to start is literally at the top—the CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere.

Hawaii – Hawaiian hospitality has a reputation based in island culture, and these resorts embody the best of the aloha spirit. Each property offers an experience above and beyond an umbrella cocktail with an ocean view. Thirty miles north of Kona, the Kohala Coast is scrubby and dry, but the natural springs at Hapuna make this location a green oasis — literally. The beach is free from crowds and perfect for swimming, making the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel feel like a secluded getaway in spite of its size. It’s also a favorite among golfers, who come for the 18-hole course designed by Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay.

Dubai – Dubai is a land where fantasy is vonverted to reality everyday. The country is for all i.e for the budget traveller and for the rich and the famous. You can eat at a cafe and at the same time dine at the most luxurious branded restaurants.

Istanbul – This magical meeting place of East and West has more top-drawer attractions than it has minarets (and that’s a lot).

Valencia – Valencia is a pretty amazing town. Initially, I wasn’t attracted to Valencia — I came for the tomato fight in the nearby town of Bunol. However, Valencia grew on me. The more I wandered the streets, relaxed on the beach, stuffed my faced with paella on the seaside boardwalk, visited the futuristic art museum, and walked its historic streets, I fell in love. Valencia is a city that straddles the past and future quite well that creates a charm completely not found anywhere else in Spain!

What kind of toiletry bag is suitable for travel?

  1. A toiletry bag that can be hung up

On the train or in a hotel, you can hang it anywhere there is a hook. It’s very easy to use

  1. Large capacity

Women have tons of toiletries and makeup products. Especially for long-distance travel, a small toiletry bag is never enough.

  1. Multi-functional pocket design with multiple layers.

Multiple pockets allow you to organize your items in a fixed position

  1. Waterproof function

We all know that whether it is a train or a plane, there will be some water stains on the surface of the bathroom. As a professional bag design brand, WANDF toiletry bag can literally say that rain will not get wet.

  1. Large U-shaped opening design

It is very convenient to put and take things. Do not choose a small mouth toiletry bag, because it is really very inconvenient to use.

  1. Visual mesh bag, double mesh design

Transparent bag is very convenient for looking for things, clearly visible. Double mesh design, breathable and durable, no odor.

  1. Multi-zipper design

Open it wherever you want

  1. Stylish and convenient

Beautiful and fashionable design. Put the lightweight toiletry bag in your suitcase. You can always take it out when you’re washing.

  1. Price is as beautiful as quality

WANDF 5031
You will never be able to get a quality toiletry cheaper than this one.

  • 💕PREMIUM QUALITY — Water resistant, durable, Ultra-light nylon fabric, breathable mesh, SBS zippers. Come with clean stitching and strong zinc alloy zipper closure make the toiletries kits super wearable, The side handle make the travel bags for toiletries easy to carry.
  • 💕SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY — This Toiletry Bag is ultra-light (only 3.6 oz). It is small when packed up and can be tucked away almost anywhere while it has a large capacity to carry almost all your toiletries needed for a small trip.
  • 💕ORGANIZED COMPARTMENTS — Main compartment that holds larger items such as shampoo bottles or shaving cream. One zippered mesh pouch that keeps your smaller toiletries and cosmetics in place visible and breathable. Other side front zipper pocket that provides extra storage with easy.
  • 💕CONVENIENT MULTI-USE BAG — It was designed for both men and women, and is an extremely versatile travel bag that can be used as a traditional toiletry bag, makeup or shaving kit case, a safe place to store your health-care items while traveling, or it can be used as a carry-on airline bag.

WANDF 5016
Do More Jobs

Not just look different but does more jobs. The fashion WANDF 5016 Toilettree bag unique expanding design allows you adjust its capacity based on different traveling times. You can get extra 50% volume in a second by unzipping both side expansion zippers. Adjustable shoulder strap is long enough providing more portability. With such a flexible toiletry/cosmetic bag, you can save time and money searching bags for different trips or for each family member.

Detail oriented. In the flap compartment, TWO leakproof clear plastic pockets keep small liquids. And the large 360 degrees swivel metal hook can hang the bathroom bag on different bars or standard doors in hotels or airport. You will get items in your fingers. The durable and lightweight yet thick, easy-to-clean and rip-stop waterproof fabric will protect your items inside.

Roomy and organizing. Large expandable main compartment with volume up-to 7.5 Liter, 2 side compartment for different purposes, elastic loops, mesh pockets and interior/exterior zipper pockets, allow you easily fit in and organize most of your toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, toothbrushes&paste, make-up, shaving kit, personal hygiene and more. You can stay organized while traveling or gym-ing!

2 Different side compartments. Asymmetric side pockets both have mesh pockets and elastic loops and serve different purposes. Left side with top opening design prevents small items accidentally fall out, ideal for small bottles, cosmetic brushes, eyelash curlers, lipstick and more. Right side with full opening allows you see clearly the items and air dry your toothbrushes faster while opened.

The hot style comes with Free TSA complimented clear leakproof Bag and 6 travel size bottles & jars as well as refill accessories. You won’t have to struggle with leaks and messes in toiletry bag, or even worse, in your carryon. The set can hold different toiletries such as shampoo, body lotion, soap, and 2 of your many face or body creams. The bottles&jars are 100% BPA free and can be reusable. It will be easily fit in our toiletry bag or in the luggage.

WF316 Gym Bag Meets All Your Needs

What kind of gym bags do people use?

Most north americans will use the duffle bag if the bag is just for the gym. Duffle bag can hold clothes, slippers, sneakers, sports equipment, towels, toilet paper, toiletries, gym card and cup.

A medium-sized gym bag is perfectly adequate for regular workouts. Travel bags can also be used as gym bags. Most of the gym bags on the market have separate shoe positions and pockets in many sizes. They are mostly nylon and canvas, lightweight and durable, affordable, and sometimes useful for short trips. Going to the gym is not a long trip, so it’s best to choose a light and durable one. A foldable gym bag would be the perfect choice.

Choose a smaller size if the gym is close to you or you have few items. A little further away? just choose a bigger one.

As a professional luggage manufacturer, WANDF is committed to doing even better. WF316 meets all your needs.

Not just look different but does more jobs
Unique Folding design for easy carrying; Surprising Large Wet Bag roomy for 60″ bath tower; Super Lightweight Durable Fabric for long lasting; Thoughtful Top-to-Bottom U-shape Opening for easy access; Adjustable Mat Holders, Water Bottle Mesh Holders, Large Front Pockets, Shoe Compartment, Padded Handles & Shoudler Straps; All in all, this lightweight gym duffel is perfect for every active adventure and workout at the gym.

Large Interior Wet Pocket let dry and wet clothes separate, so it will not stain other items.

Enough room with multiple compartments. Main compartment opens completely for easy packing and viewing. Left side pocket for sneakers. Right side with two mesh pockets ideal for storing upto 32 oz water bottles or umbrellas, we also design yoga webbings for yoga mat (72”x24”x1/4”).

It can be folded into itself fast with a compact size of 11.2″ x 11.2″ x 2″, only 1/20 of a regular size duffle bag. It weights only 17 oz. Comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap with padding making it more comfortable and anti-slip.

The duffle bag is made of special Polyester material that is lightweight, durable and anti-scratch with water-resistant coating. Durable zipper pulls built for long lasting. It will be your reliable companion for Traveling / Yoga / Gym / Sports / Shopping and so on.

The bag has carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Unfolded dimensions are 20″(L) X 12″(W) X 12″(H), Folded dimensions are 12″(L) X 12″(W) X 2″(H). It is big enough to carry a basketball and clothes in at the same time.

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