Four Fjords in Norway

If you ask what country to visit in the summer, Norway must be one of the best places to go, because the fjords there are definitely not to be missed. Enjoying the scenery of the fjords on both sides of the river while facing the wind on the cruise ship is very relaxing!

The fjords are a calling card for Norway and are a UNESCO world heritage site. Here, the pace of time seems to slow down, the fjords remain magnificent and full of the charms of the Norwegian fjords. These “works of art from nature” have become important symbols of Norway precisely because they attract us with their fascinating scenery and bring us unique travel memories.

Why visit the fjords in Norway?

  • Large quantity
    There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway.
  • Each has its own characteristics
    Some Norwegian fjords are long and narrow, some are deep, some are lined with fruit trees, some are wooded… You can explore any fjord you want. Actually, the fjords have their own advantages all year round, but the best in summer and autumn.
  • Abundant activities
    There are many ways to learn about the fjords besides by boat. Hiking, kayaking, and driving are all great ways to learn about the fjords.
  • Mature development
    The development was not to destroy, but to preserve as much of the landscape as possible, with a view deck at a good Angle on the mountain path, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the fjord.

The four fjords of Norway

Norway is a “land of fjords”. The fjords on the southwest coast are well known. Here are four fjords to introduce to you, recommend a variety of activities, take you to visit the Norwegian fjords!

  1. Songn fjord: Norway in miniature
    At 205 km long, Sognefjorden is the longest fjord in Norway. The many branches of the songn fjord tour, including the wonderful scenery concentrated in the nearby tributaries of naroyi fjord and ayurlandfjord, are a must to visit songn fjord.

(1) Tour Route Recommendation

  • train from Oslo across the hartangel plateau to myrdal;
  • take the little alpine train from myrdal to fromm, which has been voted “one of the most beautiful train journeys in Europe”;
  • take a cruise ship from flom to the naroy fjord – ayurland fjord to gudwann;
  • take the bus to voss to experience the winding mountain road;
  • the last train from vos back to bergen.

(2) Selected play activities

1) Canoe and Kayak
Canoeing can be found in several towns in Norway, such as voss and goodwin. This is a popular water sport that is exciting and fun while keeping you safe! Kayaking, floating freely on the water, getting in touch with the magnificent fjords and seeing the pure fjords from another Angle is a very special experience.

2) The stegstein observation deck
Stegastein, on a mountain road between ayuran and leidar, is part of Norway’s national tourist road project. Rising 30 meters from the valley wall and 650 meters above the river, the observatory offers breath-taking views of the ayurlandfjord. For visitors to fromm, this is a must-see “web celebrity” attraction, so don’t forget to clock in and take some pictures as a souvenir.

3) Traffic


Fromm station, on the shores of the songn fjord, has been named the world’s most incredible train route by Lonely Planet magazine. A train ride takes you from flom on the edge of the fjord up to the top of the mountain, where the line connects with the bergen-oslo railway at Myrdal. There are trains every day of the year.

The Bus

Buses ply daily throughout the year to and from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Voss, Gol, Hemsedal, Fagernes and Lillehammer.

The ship

Passenger ships ply between bergen and the small towns along the sonnjord every day of the year. In the summer, there are also daily express passenger ships between bergen and fromm. You can also hop on a sightseeing boat to travel to different destinations along the fjords.


If you choose to drive to the sonnjord region, the journey from bergen takes 2-3 hours, from Oslo 4-5 hours and from trondheim 5-6 hours. Please note that vehicle ferries across the songn fjord and its tributaries are available at several locations.

  1. Hartangerfjord: Pastoral

Hardangerfjord rises from the Atlantic ocean in the west to the Hardangervidda plateau in the east. It is the fourth longest fjord in the world and the second longest in Norway. The landscape of the fjords offers a clean uncarved beauty, with idyllic scenery on both sides and the famous tongue of the mountain demon.

(1) Tour route recommendation: Hartangell Miniature

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fjords, valleys, rivers, plateaus and waterfalls along the way.
Route: bergen-vos-ullvik/noor hermsons-edfejul – Oslo
Time: at least 1 day

(2) Selected play activities

1) The tongue of the mountain demon

Trolltunga, or devil’s tongue, is one of Norway’s most stunning cliffs. Giant rocks soar over the Ringedalsvatnet lake in odar, overlooking the magnificent hartangel fjord, a popular hiking destination and photo spot for tourists from around the world. What’s more, summer is a great time for hiking, and many travelers choose to go there to conquer the tongue of the mountain demon.

2) Walking on the fogel glacier

The Folgefonna glacier in hartangel is a famous glacier hiking destination. With a professional guide, you can experience the fun of ice walking and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Norway, which will be a rare experience during your trip to Norway.

3) The traffic

The plane
The nearest international airports to hartangel are bergen and higgenheim.
The bus
For a visit to hartangerfjord, take a bus from bergen or vos to noorhelmsong/eusteser/odar, which also has buses to and from Oslo.
The train
Although there are no direct trains to hartangerfjord, you can take the Norwegian national railway to Geilo, Voss or bergen and then take the bus to hartangerfjord.

Norwegian national railway website:

The ship
A daily passenger ferry runs from bergen to Rosendal, a village on the south bank of hartangerfjord.
In the hartencourt fjord region, shipping services include guided sightseeing Tours with ships stopping at various hartencourt locations, such as Herand, Utne, Lofthus, Kinsarvik and Ulvik.

Self-driving can be from bergen along E39, E16 can be reached; RV13 is accessible from the town of worth; From Oslo follow the e18-e134-rv40-rv7 until you reach edphiur.

  1. Lysefjord
    Lysefjord is located in southwest Norway, approximately 25 km east of stavanger. It’s 42 kilometers inland, and the water is as still as a mirror, with no waves. The most famous sites are the cliff Preikstolen (600 meters above sea level) and the Kjeragbolten (about 2 meters in diameter), which is suspended 1, 000 meters above sea level in the fjord.

(1) Recommended tour route: cruise tour

The cruise will take you through the majestic lysefjord, where there are no waves or surges of the sea but only the reflections of high mountain cliffs in the fjord, making it hard to tell the real from the imaginary. You can hear the sound of silence as the wind blows through. They also pass the famous preikestolen, look up at the cliffs, and experience the wonders of nature.
Time: 3 hours

(2) selected play activities

1) A sermon stone

Pulpit Rock, located in southern Norway, is one of the three wonders of Norway, with a vertical drop of 604 meters and a platform of about 625 square meters at the top. Cliff “budaotai”, straight cliff side as if cut out by a knife. Stand on the cliff and watch the fjords, the rolling mountains, the winding fjords, the floating boats… It is like unfolding a long scroll of scenery. Such a magical place has naturally become a go-to destination for many people.

In summer, many hikers climb preikestolen. If you choose the unfrequented route, you will not only enjoy the unique scenery along the way, but also have an unforgettable mountaineering experience. Follow the professional guide, take the unusual road, brave to climb! Popular, it is recommended to book in advance!

2) The Wonder stone

Kjeragbolten is one of the three great rocks in Norway except the tongue of the mountain monster and preikestolen. The miracle stone is sandwiched between two giant rocks at an altitude of 984 meters. Every year during the summer, many brave challengers come to climb the stone to see what it really is. When the miracle stone appears calmly, it is like a treasure, sandwiched between two mountains, this scene is a great interpretation of the workmanship of nature.

3) Traffic

a. Cruise ship

The nearest city to the lysefjord is stavanger. There are cruises from bergen to stavanger, about five hours each way, and round trips are optional.

b. The bus
Public buses can also easily shuttle between Bergen and Stavanger. The trip, about 4.5 hours each way, offers endless views of Norway’s west coast.

  1. Galangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO world heritage site, is surrounded by majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls and lush vegetation. The gaeronerfjord is backed by the Norwegian port city of olesund, along with some of the most winding roads on the west coast of Norway: the spirit road and the eagle road.

(1) Tour route recommendation: classic cruise ship + multiple national highways

1) The galangerfjord cruise ship

The gaeronerfjord is a stunning landscape with many famous waterfalls such as De syvs strene, Friaren and Brudesl ret. Magnificent waterfalls pour water, mist like a hazy veil over the cliffs, the sun over the spectrum of a beautiful rainbow, magnificent. Cruise ships are a great way to get a close look at the original beauty.
Route: galangel-hellesourt
Time: 1 hour

2) Galangel fjord + eagle road

In addition to the spectacular waterfalls and fjords of the galangerfjord, you can also do your own sightseeing and shopping, or visit small farms. And on the way, you’ll pass the magnificent eagle trail! Let you experience the shock and wonder of Norway’s roads.
Route: alesund – helesulte – galanel – eagle road – eidsdal-linge-sjoholt-alesund
Time: at least 1 day

3) the galangel fjord + the eagle road + the spirit road

If you love Norway’s roads, then the eagle road + the elf road must go! It starts at alesund and travels to the galangel fjord, passing the eagle trail. After the tour, the bus continues on to vardar and ondalsnes, passing the elven road on the way and stopping at its observation deck, which offers stunning views over nearby mountains and fjords, stimulating your nerves!
Route: oleson-linge-eidsdal-eagle road – galangel – elven road – Andalsnes- oleson
Time: at least 1 day

(2) selected play activities

Drive on the Atlantic highway

There are many national roads near alesund, including the eagle road and the spirit road. In addition, the Atlantic highway, known as “Norway’s architecture of the century,” is nearby.
The Atlantic road is an s-shaped, winding, high and low crossing a dozen low Bridges slightly above sea level, spanning all the islands between the western fjords of molde and christianson, and subtly connecting a series of islands in the avor islands to the mainland. Built between an island and a reef, it is often swept over the road by waves, especially during a hurricane.

(3) traffic

(1) the plane
Every day, there are many flights from big towns in Norway to Alesund Airport Vigra, the closest to the gaeronerfjord.

(2) the bus
There are daily express buses from Oslo, trondheim and bergen.

(3) the train
Trains run daily from Oslo (about 5.5 hours) and trondheim (about 4-5 hours) to Andalsnes, the nearest station.

(4) the ship
In the summer, the northbound Hurtigrute cruises from bergen to galanel.

(5) self-driving
The galangerfjord is about a three-hour drive from olesund, including two hours by bus and an hour by boat.

Three, how to play four fjords?
If you have more time and energy, want to see different scenery, or have a long trip plan, the double fjord or triple fjord route will be more suitable. A variety of fjords are combined and you can fully appreciate the different charms of each.

(1) songn fjord + hartangel fjord

Both of these fjords are close to bergen, so they are very convenient to visit together.
From Oslo/bergen, take the train to voss, then take a boat tour of the nuroy fjord, the most beautiful tributary of the songn fjord, embrace the beauty of the fjord, and then take the famous frome alpine train. Return to voss for a night off. The next day, from worth, head to huervik for the hardown fjord cruise, where you can see the beautiful and pastoral fjord with its blossoms and fruit trees.
Route: bergen – vos – naroy fjord – fromm – vos – hartangel fjord
Time: at least 2 days

(2) four fjords luxury self-driving tour
For more ambitious self-driving enthusiasts, this luxury road trip to sifjord is highly recommended. Covering the essence of four fjords and bypassing Norway’s highest peak, the route is one of the most beautiful self-driving routes in Europe. Drive freely and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the fjord!
Route: stavanger – lysefjord – hutene – hardangerfjord – edfayur – fromm – sonn fjord – ayuram – survaun – yoton herm national park – lome – galangerfjord – edzdal – ondalsnes – olesund
Time: at least 7 days

(3) The towns can not to be missed on the way

Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, is an important transit point in addition to its impressive urban landscapes, such as medieval wooden houses, open-air old towns, small, quaint alleys and colorful roofs. From here you can travel to multiple fjords by different means.

Voss is a small town, but with all the shops, restaurants, and accommodations, it’s a great place to stay, and the scenery is stunning. In addition, it is also the “adventure capital of Norway”, whether it is hiking, mountain biking, rowing, bungee jumping, skydiving, gliding, mountain rafting… Voss allows you to fully experience excitement and pleasure.

The village of Flam is located in the deepest part of the ayurland fjord, surrounded by high mountains, waterfalls and canyons. There are also many activities to take part in: surfing, canoeing, mountain hiking, cycling and so on. A day or two in fromm is recommended for outdoor activities or visits to nearby traditional villages.

Norheimsund is a beautiful town with its quiet villages, clean water and lush greenery. As the gateway to hartangerfjord, it is also a very useful public transport hub.

Living in Alesund, which has a thriving fishing industry, allows you to feast on fresh seafood. In addition, the curvy art nouveau architecture in the city is also impressive.

  1. Preparation before departure

The weather in Norway is usually stable in summer, with pleasant temperatures on land and at sea. In summer, the days are long and the nights are short. The temperature is around 20-25℃.

Dressing guide
The weather in Norway is more stable in summer, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t change suddenly. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you bring more clothing and wear it according to the temperature. For example, bring at least one warm jumper, waterproof coat or umbrella, and wear comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes.
If you’re going hiking in the mountains or deep into the fjords or mountains, be prepared for all kinds of weather, and bring waterproof and windproof clothing, and wear wool. And in the evening and after the night, the temperature will be lower.

Tips: While the wind may feel cool in summer, the sun is much stronger than you think, so be sure to take precautions.


Norway is a schengen visa country. You can check the latest information requirements and fill in the visa application form online on the website of the Norwegian visa center.

Summer may participate in kayaking, rafting, seaside play and other water activities, remember to pay attention to safety, according to the individual’s physical condition optional participation. If you’re going to the beach, be sure to test the water before you go into the water. The water may be colder than you expect.

Many people think that the landscape of the fjords is largely the same, but if you visit Norway in person, it will refresh your understanding. Each fjord has its own essence and is one of nature’s most unique wonders. This summer, try one of Norway’s four fjords.

How To Make The Travel Guides

Many people make travel guides to avoid being embarrassed when traveling. How do you make them?

First, The Strategic Destination – Destination is absolutely the most important part in the tourism strategy. Only by choosing a good destination can we make the next step better.

Second, Choose the right travel tools according to your time on the basis of destination. Subway and high-speed rail can be good choices for travers who have sufficient time. Planes make it faster to get back and forth between destinations and spend more time on the destination.

Third, we can book the hotel in advance according to the time we stay in the place. In order not to restrict our schedule, please do not book in the same hotel. It is best to choose a hotel near the location you will be arriving at each day based on the general location. The Internet can efficiently help us choose a hotel that is convenient, comfortable and cheap.

Woman lying on a lounger by the pool at the hotel. Girl at travel spa resort pool. Summer luxury vacation.

Fourth, after solving the problem of travel and residence, we can see the local special scenic spots on the Internet, which can make the time of the day more detailed. For example, when to go and whereto go, tickets are needed or not , all need to be considered.

Man traveler is reading electronic book on smart phone , while is relaxing in the cafe , with light morning ,travel and recreation concept

Fifth, after a few days of refinement, the basic tour guide has been completed, but we still need to prepare for the cost of food and short distance transportation. After all, these two prices are not very good to budget.

Travel around the world concept in Summer vacation

Sixth, if you have enough money, please be prepared for the unexpected money. Of course, a travel insurance is the most appropriate.

Keep these in mind, and a new journey can begin!

Travel seems to me to be a rather wholesome exercise, in which the mind is constantly engaged in the activity of new and unknown things – Montaigne

Travel To Northern Europe – Iceland

  1. Safe enough

Iceland has a small population and relatively few immigrants. It’s very safe. There are almost no security concerns. I read a post on the Internet that Iceland’s police had too much time to amuse cats, feed ducks and play with snow, several photos of officers licking ice cream on patrol went viral.

  1. Beautiful as an alien planet

Iceland is best known for its unusual landform, which is so similar to the moon that astronauts buzz aldrin and Neil Armstrong, the first men to land on the moon, practiced there. Nature is a masterpiece of artists, a person looking at those beautiful scenery to suffocate, the heart will always have a different feeling.

  1. Human Interest

Nordic countries have high levels of happiness, and it’s easy to feel good about people. Let me tell you a little thing. On the first day I came to Iceland, my lens was broken. My friend suggested that I return to China for warranty. Uncle in the shop said it was broken, if you need to repair three or four days back to the factory, but I want to take photos these days. To my surprise, he went into the back room and took the same shot. He said, “take it away and return it to me before you leave.” then he gave me a business card of the store. That kind of trust makes the world feel good.

  1. Be a daydreamer for once

Many people grow grass in Iceland because of the movie “day dreamers,” in which the hero, a strange otaku, goes on a daring adventure to win the heart of a girl, including a trip to Iceland.

For the fans, going to the scene in the movie is like having a beautiful dream.

  1. Iceland has music

I once heard people joke that why are computers so strong in Finland? Because they get dark so early, they get bored and have to write code at home. In Iceland, they must be free to make art. Although Iceland is not a big place, there are too many famous musicians, such as Sigur Ros, neoclassical Olafur Arnalds, electronic mum, popular folk songs Of Monsters and Men…

Or maybe you’ve heard reykjavik’s name in Hong Kong,
“There is a ray of light at the North Pole, and your words have been left to me.”


1) Apart from the capital, reykjavi, Iceland is sparsely populated and has very poor public transportation. The road condition is more dangerous in winter, a person chooses carefully.

2) Book hotels and Tours separately depending on where you want to go. Some of them are day or half-day Tours, such as ice cave expeditions and glacier hikes, which must be accompanied by a guide. There are also big organized Tours on the Internet, but there were a few places I wanted to go that didn’t suit me.

3) Buy discounted tickets

I like northern Europe, Denmark, Norway, Sweden


Iceland has many unforgettable memories of seeing the aurora borealis. When taking a bath, I thought it was a gas leak, so I dressed to run for my life, It turned out to be the smell of geothermal water; Stay overnight on a ranch with only two families, terrifyingly quiet, but got a restful sleep.

My friend and I spent 17 days driving by ourselves, sleeping until we woke up and then driving for two or three hours. Bubble hot spring in the town that has hot spring and go to the supermarket for dinner and breakfast the next day and a snack in a bit bigger town. Our car is full of snacks just like the kindergarten spring tour bus.

If you are busy and don’t have much time or savings, don’t worry. Because it’s not good to go to Iceland too early, and then go somewhere else, and it’s not good to go anywhere else.

But I think I may not go to the second time, not because of anything else, but for a good memory once is enough. And there are so many wonderful places in the world that I haven’t set foot in.

What I did in Iceland?

1. Self-driving

The beauty of Iceland is not a scenic spot, but the scenery along the road. Self-driving is the best way to get around, to feel like you’re driving at the end of the world.

When we were on the sinai peninsula, the sky suddenly turned dark and dense in the middle of the road. There was a hole in the cloud through which the light shone like an alien coming to earth, and we drove through the light.

In the troll peninsula, feelling the deep rock valley, river raging, the wind swept up the stimulation, like a typhoon day, the cat in bed, feel very safe; On the longa peninsula, we drove on deserted highways that stretched as far as the eye could see, the grass as far as the eye could see, and the sea as far as the eye could see.

That’s the fun of driving in Iceland.

2. The Aurora

There’s nothing more to look forward to than an aurora.

If you haven’t seen it, and you’re not particularly looking forward to it, you’re probably thinking that the aurora borealis in the photographer’s image must have been beautified.

But after seeing it, you’ll be sure to include the aurora as one of the “most beautiful sights,” because no camera equipment can capture the shock of the aurora.

The whole sky is surrounded by colorful light, like a huge screen, all kinds of high saturation of light, red purple green yellow…… Quick flash. You don’t have time to scream.

If the aurora is weak, it’s just green. So many posts on the Internet will say that the aurora is only green, other colors are photographic effects. Not really.

Tips for seeing aurora : Iceland met office predicts auroras with high accuracy. The aurora is most often seen at 11pm, in the previous proposal to turn off the lights in the house, found out the window there is a sign of clothing, rushed out!

3. Geysers

Geysir geyser, which erupts every 8 minutes, is amazing to see with your own eyes.

I also joked with my friends that there were some indians down there, pushing a switch every 8 minutes…

4. Watner national glacier park

The image most people have of Iceland is one of icebergs. Maybe Iceland needs ice.

But actually in Iceland, I don’t think it’s beautiful.

Glacier park does not charge admission (Iceland has almost no ringed attractions, all of which are accessible by car), but there are toll yachts that allow you to see the glacier up close. But I personally think the experience is also very general, not the service is not good, but the glacier here, closer but not far look good. If the season is right, consider hiking on a glacier.

5. Myvatn

Myvatn is a must for most tourists, can play a lot of items, the scenery is also beautiful. I’ve lost track of how many rainbows I’ve seen at Myvatn.

Go to Dimmuborgir park for a hike and take a picture at lava arch, or go to Grjotagja cave to see the place where Jon lost his virginity, as well as the falls of the gods.

6. Whale watching (husavik)

Khusavik is one of Iceland’s great towns. Although it’s not very well housed or fed, it has a great program — whale watching.

But the chances of seeing a whale are too high to go for nothing. If you can, choose a small speedboat, because when you see a whale, the speedboat can fly quickly

7. Museum of witchcraft (Holmavik)

Very, very realistic

About the accommodation

In Iceland, a b&b costs almost the same as a hotel, but it’s much more comfortable than in a hotel.

I prefer to stay in a b&b, where I can feel the local people and feel at home. In Iceland we were often the only people in the whole building, as if we were just living somewhere else.

Many who have been to Iceland say the accommodation is poor. I guess they’re staying in a hotel. Indeed, the hotel is very general, the decoration style is also very backward. However, I personally think the homelands are very good, with strong Nordic decoration, clean and modern, a lot of bathroom floors have floor heating, and I feel so happy when I walk barefoot on them. Besides, the facilities are also very complete (in Iceland, it is really important to have a kitchen if you don’t want to treat your stomach badly).

But what are the advantages of staying in a hotel? You can always ask the front desk if you have any questions, and there is no need for breakfast. Unlike in Iceland, there are restaurants everywhere. Having a kitchen is really important if you don’t want to shortchange your stomach.

Hidden in a grove of birches, I thought I was going the wrong way. Go out at night to see the aurora, very beautiful, there is no light pollution.

The owner is very warm and well-dressed, even at home, he will neatly wear a suit.

About eating

I have pictures, lots of pictures……
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